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7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for You!

Tips for Choosing the Right Haircut

If you’re looking for something to change up your normal look, a new haircut can do the trick. There are countless beautiful, modern haircuts to choose from, which can make picking a haircut an intimidating task. However, a haircut you see on a model in a magazine or even on your next-door neighbor that looks adorable on them might not look the same on you. via – the lob hair style

Not every haircut flatters everyone, and it’s important to consider which haircut will complement you. If you’re not sure how to do this, read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing the right haircut for you.

1. Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape is arguably the most important characteristic that can make or break how a haircut looks on you.

If you have an oval face, you can rock almost any haircut but should choose one that includes volume for best results. If you have a round face, stay away from haircuts that are extremely short, as these can make your face appear chubby and accentuate its roundness. If you have a square face, add some layers into your cut to prevent your face from looking unattractively boxy. If you have a face with a large forehead, try a haircut with bangs to add balance and harmony to your face and prevent your forehead from stealing the show.

2. Keep Your Hair In Mind

Just as not every haircut works for every face shape, the same rule applies for hair textures and thickness. If you have thick, wavy hair, a pixie cut on you isn’t going to look the same as it does on a magazine model with silky, fine tresses no matter how much you attack it with a flat iron.

Your hair is unique and should be celebrated and enhanced by your haircut. Talk to your stylist about how best to complement your hair with a haircut. Also, your hair doesn’t have to be exactly the same as someone else with the same haircut to look good. It’s just important to keep in mind that cutting your hair doesn’t change its natural texture and thickness. 3. How Much Effort Do You Want to Put In?

This question is an extremely important one to ask yourself before you take the plunge and go for a new haircut, especially one that is drastically different from the one you have.

If you want a long pixie cut with angled bangs, ask yourself if you’re really willing to put in fifteen minutes of work with a flat iron before your early morning shift. If you’re considering a chin-length bob, ask yourself if you’re going to be able to survive without the option of a ponytail on your daily runs. A certain haircut might look cute, but it’s important to consider whether you’ll really be willing to deal with the styling and maintenance it entails before it’s too late to change your mind.

4. Progress Gradually

If you want to try a super-short haircut but you’re intimidated by everything it entails, there’s no reason to shear off all your hair at once.

Progress gradually and try a cut that’s a bit shorter every time you visit your hairdresser. This gradual progression can help you ease yourself into shorter hair as well as see how many different haircuts look on you so you can determine which one you like best.

5. Think About Your Favorite Features

Certain haircuts can highlight, accentuate, and enhance your favorite facial features to make them stand out more and help you show them off to the world.

For example, to make your eyes stand out, consider a haircut that includes bangs that skim the tops of your eyebrows to draw more attention to your eyes.

6. …And Your Least Favorite Features

Everyone has facial features that they don’t like about themselves. The right haircut for you can mask the appearance of these features.

For example, you can opt for a longer cut with more volume if you don’t like the look of your ears. You can also try a cut with intense layers to cover up the shape of your neck if you’re unhappy with it. While you should never try to hide behind your hair, a great haircut for you can help downplay and distract from features you don’t love.

7. Experiment With Your Hair

Before you get your hair cut, spend some time with your present haircut and experiment with it.

Get to know how your part naturally falls and experiment with different ways to style your hair. If you’re considering a shorter cut, you can also fold up your hair and pin and clip it to see how a short haircut would look with your face shape and hair texture. Experimenting with your hair to get to know it better can help you choose a haircut that works well for you.

There’s a lot of different things to consider when it comes to choosing a hairstyle that’s right for you. However, using the tips in this post to do some serious thinking about choosing the right haircut for you before you get a new cut can help increase your satisfaction with your haircut in the long run.

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