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Three Ways to Get the Most from Your Hair Salon Visit: Salon Germains & Spa

That one-on-one time with your stylist at every hair salon visit is valuable! If you’re looking to get the best results and benefit from your time in their presence, here are a few suggestions.

1. Come In With a Reference Photo

Even if your stylist has been working with you for a long time through every hair salon visit, you may want to go for a particular look that’s new or untried. Rather than combing through their magazines or look books, come with a physical photo ready to show them. Stylists do brilliant work, but they can’t be mind readers. So, if you’ve saved the photo on your phone, print it out ahead of time. That gives your style the ability to continue observing the image as they work.

2. At the Next Hair Salon Visit, Show Them a Picture of Your Last Cut at Mid-length

It’s informative. Stylists like to know how their work is maintained after they send you back out into the world. Snap a picture two or three weeks after a cut. Let your stylist see what it looks like when it’s grown in a bit, and you’re styling it for yourself. They may have suggestions that will help you achieve better upkeep.

3. Watch Closely When They Reach the End of Your Cut

You want salon-style hair every day, but do you leave your hair salon appointment thinking, “This is the best I will look for for the next six to eight weeks”? It would help if you felt confident replicating that look in the comfort of your own bathroom. As your stylist walks you through directions for how to style a look at home—pay close attention to what they’re doing. Yes, during your routine hair salon visit, the hairdresser might be good at providing a verbal explanation but watch how they’re actually doing it—applying the product, adding volume, and working the blow dryer. That is the technique you want to emulate when you’re on your own.

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